King Tower Farm

King Tower Farm

The First Aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia

King Tower Farm

Welcome to King Tower Farm

King Tower Farm is the first commercial aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia using Tower Garden technology.

Located in Laguna in the Philippines, about 3 hour drive away from Manila, King Tower Farm is settled on the shores of a beautiful lake, nestled in an idyllic rural breathtaking countryside landscape.

King Tower Farm grows a multitude of vegetables, aromatic herbs, fruits and flowers. The flowers are meant to feed our bee farm!

King Tower Farm is dedicated to eco-friendly agricultural solutions and to produce quality crops featuring superior nutrient density.

We invite you to visit King Tower Farm in person or to contact us should you wish to set up a Tower Farm in Asia (indoors or outdoors).

Benefits of Aeroponics


King Tower Farm is the first vertical aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia. Located in the Philippines, we grow a wide range of flowers for our bee farm, and vegetables for the local community.

Water Savings

Our farm uses Tower Garden aeroponic technology which allows us to grow plants without the use of soil and use 95% less water than what’s required in soil-based farming.

Nutrient Density

Our produce on average has 35% higher nutrient density compared to hydroponic crops and soil-based crops, we publish a scientific comparative study which proves this.

Space Savings

Our aeroponic towers use less space than traditional farming, allowing us to grow 36 plants per square meter. Vertical agriculture allows for better space efficiency of our farm

Yield Increase

In Aeroponics, roots are suspended in the air, allowing for a 100% oxygen availability to the roots, which maximizes the nutrient absorption rate, thereby increasing your yield.

Energy Savings

Our plants are spending 80% of their lives in the air, and being watered 12 minutes per hour. That means we are only using electricity for 20% of the entire day, minimizing electricity usage.

What do we grow?

Aeroponic Crops

We grow over 120 different different types of vegetables, herbs, fruit, leafy greens, and flowers originating strictly from organic non-GMO seeds or heirlooms varieties, while using no harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungacides, and insecticides.


We grow a variety of fruit at our farm including strawberries, melons, and tomatoes.


We have a wide range of herbs growing including rosemary, chives, cilantro, parsely, etc.

Leafy Greens

Our delicious collection of leafy greens include lettuce, chard, kale, collards, spinach, etc.


We grow a wide array of veggies including squashes, eggplant, peppers, etc.